Welcome to Majestic Beauty Products

If you are looking for skin products formulated by us for us people of color, then you have arrived at the right place.

As a chemist (MSc. Chemistry) and a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), I pride myself with the products I formulate for people with my skin color.

It is very challenging to find the right product in the market for certain demographic of people because the people who formulate these

products do not understand the challenges we go through.

As a woman of color I understand the challenges of hyperpigmentation

and how challenging it is to keep our melanin in check especially with aging.

I have therefor taking the time to speak to other people with the same challenges and formulated products that actually work.

The Majestic Ideal Glow Skin Brightening soap is formulated to brighten your skin as well as moisturize and condition.

The fragrance is Just right, enticing and soothing. You would be amazed on how this soap which is infused with herbal extracts will make you feel clean.

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No soap scum

No dissolution in the shower!